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Created 21-May-15
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Ushuaia to Tristan da Cunha
2 Ushuaia00013 Ushuaia00033A Ushuaia00014 Ushuaia00047 Dolphin Gull00028 Kelp Gull Takeoff00029 Brown hooded Gull Takeoff000410 Kelp Goose000211 King Cormorant12 King Cormorant2000216 SouthGiant Petral000120 Upland Goose000422 Ushuaia23 Ushuaia4000223A Cape Petral000123B Cape Petral000423C SouthRoyal Albatross000623D  SouthRoyal Albatross1000325 Wandering Albatross1000326 WanderingAlbatross0003

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Guestbook for Atlantic Odyssey 2015 Part 1
Linda Moss(non-registered)
Astonishing! Wonderful pictures, epitomising all that was unique and amazing about our voyage. Thank you!
Ian Beggs(non-registered)
Fantastic photos. Thanks for the link. I will now stop looking at mine as yours are so much better. Look after yourself. Ian
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