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Created 20-Dec-14
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A visit to New Zealand's sub-Antarctic Islands plus Macquarie Island. Chatham Islands, Bounties, Antipodes, Campbell, Aukland Islands, Enderby and Snares Islands
1Ch Northern Buller's Albatross2Ch Chatham Island Shag3Ch Chatham Forget-me-not4Ch Chaatham Forget-me-not5Ch Chatham  Island Pied Oystercatcher6Ch Flower7Ch Flower8Ch Flower9Ch Flower10Ch Flower11Ch Flower12Ch Flower13Ch Dandelion14Ch Flower15Ch Flower16Ch Thistle17Ch Flower18Ch Flower19Ch Waitangi20Ch Flower

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Keywords:albatross, antipodes, aukland, bounties, campbell, chatham, enderby, macquarie, penguin