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Created 18-Nov-16
462 photos

Two weeks traveling from the north part of Kruger to the southern part of the park.
1Pha Arrow-marked Babbler (3)2Pha Black-backed Puffback3Pha Cardinal Woodpecker5Pha Laughing Dove (1)6Pha Lesser Masked Weaver F (1)7Pha White-browed Scrub-Robin8Pha Yellow-fronted Canary (4)9PM African Elephant (5)10PM African Elephant11PM African Elephant2 (3)12PM African Elephant4 (3)13PM African Elephant14PM African Elephant3 (2)15PM African Hawk-eagle16PM African Lion (1)17PM Baobab Tree18PM Black Crake19PM Blacksmith Lapwing20PM Blue Wildebeest2 (3)21PM Blue Wildebeest

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Keywords:Birds, black rhinoceros, bulbul, bush-shrike, cameroptera, crombec, eagle, elephant, greenbul, kingfisher, leopard, lion, roller, vulture

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Kent Pittman(non-registered)
Nice!!! How fortunate you are! For those of us who have not been privileged to travel extensively and don't know world geography: Where is Kruger? Thanks for sharing. Kent
Ze Carrapichano(non-registered)
Fantastic album. Made me miss Africa so much! I bet that you enjoyed your trip. Thanks for sharing your photos.
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