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Created 12-Jul-15
313 photos

Visit to Copenhagen
1Cop Nyhavn2Cop Nyhavn3Cop Jackdaw4Cop Nyhavn5Cop Black-headed Gull6Cop Nyhavn7Cop Common Gull8Cop Nyhavn9Cop Church10Cop Rose11Cop Rose12Cop Rose Reflection13Cop Rose14Cop Nyhavn15Cop Nyhavn Reflection16Cop Reflection Nyhavn17Cop Building18Cop Tower19Cop City Hall20Cop City Hall

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Guestbook for Copenhagen 2015
Justyna Porter(non-registered)
Hi Marian, what a wonderful gallery of images. Your visit to Copenhagen was beautifully documented with such varied photos. It looks like you were very busy!!! Great gallery!!!
Matthew Dozier(non-registered)
I loved the pictures from this tour. Copenhagen seems like a magical place. You have truly captured the beauty of the palaces, churches, and wildlife of the country. Thank you for sharing such lovely images. they have given me much to dream about.
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