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Created 31-Jul-17
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A visit to Lisbon and a River cruise Along the Douro River, including Salamanca, Spain
1Lis Lisbon2Lis Lisbon3Lis Lisbon4Lis Lisbon5Lis Lisbon6Lis Lisbon7Lis Lisbon8Lis Lisbon9Lis Castle Sao Jorge10Lis Lisbon11Lis Lisbon12Lis Belem Tower13Lis Belem Tower14Lis Church15Lis Boy and Father16Lis Jeronimos Church (3)17Lis JeronimosChurch2 (3)18Lis Jeronimos Church (6)19Lis Jeronimos Church (9)20Lis Jeronimos Church (15)

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