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Created 21-May-15
79 photos

May 2015 photos of the cooled lava flows from the 2014/2015 eruption
1 Fogo Old Flows2 Fogo Old Flows3 Fogo Old Flows4 Fogo Ald Flows5 Fogo Old Flows6 Fogo Pico do Fogo7 Fogo Old Flow8 Fogo Old Cones9 Fogo Old Cones10 Fogo Road to Caldera11 FogoOld and New Cones12 Fogo 2014, 1995 1951 Cones13 Fogo 2014 Cone14 Fogo 2014 Lava Flow Over Road15 Fogo 2014 South Lava and Old Caldera16 Fogo 2014 South Lava Flow17 Fogo 2014 South Lava Flow18 Fogo 2014 South Lava Flow and Cone19 Fogo 2014 lava20 Fogo 2014 lava

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