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Created 10-Jul-13
406 photos

1Bird, Coal Tit (1)2Bird, Crow Large Billed3CherryBlossom_80824Flower Forget-me-not5Field Speedwell6Anemone7FlowerTrillium_81028Violet, Selkirk's9AptYS_815010ChurchRusOrthodo_814111ChurchRusOrthodo_814611RiverYS_815712AShipEnderby_823812atKorsakov_816612auShipLifeboat_816712avTyuleniyIsland_825412awTyuleniyIsland_828412axTyuleniyIsland_831013Bird, Shearwater Shorttailed (3)14Bird, Murre Thick billed (52)

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Guestbook for Okhotsk Sea Russia
Karen Renick(non-registered)
So many fine fine photos. Pete and I enjoyed seeing a part of our world we'll never visit.
Keep on sending out wonder and smiles from all over this amazing Planet.
Regards from your friends who met you in the Arctic.

Karen and Pete Renick
Lynn McCaw(non-registered)
Fabulous ---as we have all come to expect from you, Marian :)
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