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Created 16-Sep-15
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A trip to the Kimnberly Area in northwest Australia, East Timor and Indonesia
1Br Pearl Farm2Br Oyster Crab3BrOystercatcher4Br Black Kite5Br Weighing Anchor6Br Casting Off7Row Damselfish8Row Blue-green Chromis9Row Bullet-head Parrotfish10Row Dog-faced Pufferfish11Row Freckled Hawkfish12Row Green Damselfish13Row Masked Rabbitfish14Row Peacock Coral Trout15Row Pink Anenomefish (1)16Row Red-finned Butterflyfish17Row Coral18Row Coral19Row Giant Clam20Row Saddleback Butterflyfish

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Keywords:Australia, Bali, Bigge Island, Dili, East Timor, Hunter River, Indonesia, Jaco Island, Kimberlies, King George River, Komodo, Larantuka, Montgomery Reef, Ord River, Rowley Shoals, Sumbawa Island, Wyndham