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Created 9-Aug-15
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Trip to Naples, Pompeii, Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, Elba, Lucca, Pisa and Nice
1Anz Herring Gull2Anz Herring Gull Juv3Anz Anzio4Anz Anzio5Anz Anzio6Anz Safety Drill7Anz Boat8Anz Gulls9Anz Anzio10Anz Dock Shop11Anz Herring Gull Juv12Anz deck Hand13Anz Boy Fishing14Anz Unloading the catch15Anz Sailing16Abz Wind surfing17Anz Black-headed Gull Juv18Anz Anzio19Anz Pilot Boat20Pomp Naples Harbor

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