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Created 29-Jul-16
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Edinburgh, Oban, West Highlands, Argaty Kite Center, Isles of Mull and Staffa, Outer Hebrides - Isle of Harris, Isle of Lewis, Callanish Standing Stones, Cromarty Firth, Aigas Field Center, central Highlands, Orkney - Kirkwall, Scara Brae, Ring of Brodgar, Maes Howe, Italian Chapel, and Mull Head Nature Reserve
315Ed Edinburgh Castle0006316Ed Edinburgh Castle0007317Ed Edinburgh Castle0009318Ed Edinburgh Castle319Ed Edinburgh Castle0013320Ed Edinburgh Castle0015321Ed Edinburgh Castle0021322Ed Edinburgh Castle0023323Ed Edinburgh Castle0026324Ed Edinburgh Festival Headquarters (2)325Ed Edinburgh from Castle326Ed Field Rose327Ed One-O'clock Gun328Ed St. Margaret's Chapel2329Ed St. Margaret's Chapel (5)330Ed War Memorial2 (1)331Ed War Memorial3332Ber Barnacle geese333Ber Firth of Forth334Ber Flower2

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