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Created 2-Nov-19
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A cultural and Nature Trip to Ethiopia
1ac Ultimate Ethiopia Trip1Ad Baglafecht Weaver2Ad Brown-rumped Seedeater E (1)3Ad Coffee4Ad Frankincense5Aad Selane (2)5Ad Lucy (2)6Ad Idaltu Homo Sapiens7Ad Market (3)8Ad Market (1)9Ad Market (10)10Ad Market (11)11Ad Market (12)12Ad Market13Ad Market (15)14Ad Market (17)15Ad Market (18)16Ad Grey-headed Sparrow17Ad Speckled Mousebird (5)18Ad Speckled Pigeon

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Tara Holbrook(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures. I especially like the baby monkey...very cheeky little one. Thanks for sharing.
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