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Created 12-May-16
450 photos

In the Wake of Humboldt and Darwin
362Val Yellow-bridled Finch363Val White-crested Elaenia364Val Rufous-Collared Sparrow365Val Rufous-collared Sparrow366Val Lizard367Val Chilean Swallow368Val Chilean Pigeon369Val Fuschia370Val Kelp Gull Juv371Val Peruvian Pelican372Val Peruvian Pelican373Val Peruvian Pelican374Mo Sunrise375Mo Isla Mocha Carts376Mo Birders377Mo Isla Mocha Scene378Mo Fossils379Mo Fossils380Mo Local Birding Staff381Mo Whimbrel

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Guestbook for Chile and Peru
Sharon Murphy(non-registered)
Thanks so much for sharing your photos from our trip. It was lovely to relive the experience through the lens of your camera. I only wish I could remember the names of all the birds!! Kudos to you for the excellence of your photos. Really marvelous.
Ze Carrapichano(non-registered)
As always great shots! So do you now have all the penguins in the World?!?
Ted Cheeseman(non-registered)
Gorgeous, Marian, thank you for sharing! Some fantastic whales and dolphins too, love the sperm whales and blue whale :)
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