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Created 11-Apr-20
210 photos

Photos from Several Parks in the Boise Area
1WP American Coot (2)2WP American Coot3WP American Robin (1)4WP Black-crowned Night Heron (3)5WP Black-crowned Night Heron6WP Bufflehead F (2)7WP Bufflehead M (4)8WP Bufflehead M (2)9WP Canada Geese (2)10WP Canada Goose (2)11WP Canada Goose in Morning Mist (4)12WP Great Blue Heron13WP Green-winged Teal (3)14WP Green-winged Teal (4)15WPa Lesser Scaup in Morning Mist16WP Lesser Scaup M (1)17WP Lesser Scaup M (4)18WP Mallard Ducks19WP Mallard Hybrid F20WP Mallard M (7)

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Guestbook for Idaho Wildlife 2020
Tara Holbrook(non-registered)
I could almost hear the birds chirping during the slideshow. It seems some of the birds and ducks were posing for you and were showing little bits of their personalities too. There are many varieties of ducks I didn't know we had in our area, like the blue-billed and broad-billed varieties. Thank you for brightening my day with your vast talent.
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