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Created 18-Mar-19
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A visit to the Antarctic Peninsula
1Ant Punta Arenas Statue2D Deception Island3D Deception Island5D Weddell Seal6Ha Hannah Point7Ha Chinstrap Penguin8Ha Southern Giant Petrel9Ha Chinstrap Penguin10Ha Southern Giant Petrel11Ha Southern Giant Petrel12Ha Snowy Sheathbill13Ha Kelp Gull with Chick14HA Chinstrap Penguin with Chick15Ha Hannah Point16Ha Gentoo Penguin17Ha Gentoo Penguin18Ha Chinstrap Penguin19D Weddell Seal20D Skua21Ha Southern Giant Petrel

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Keywords:Adelie Penguin, Antarctic Fur Seal, Antarctic Shag, Crabeater Seal, Iceberg, Scenery, Snowy Sheathbill, South Polar skua, Weddell Seal, chinstrap penguin, gentoo Penguin, glacier, r

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