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Created 4-Dec-17
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Tahiti; Apataki, Tuamotu Islands; Marquesas Islands (Nuka Hiva, HIva Oa and Fatu Hiva); Puka Puka; Puka Rua: Tenararo; Pitcairn; Henderson; Ducie; Easter Island
1Ap Black-saddled Toby (2)2Ap Blue-green Chromis3Ap Brown Noddy (4)4Ap Brushtail Tang6Ap Convict Surgeonfish (2)7Ap Cornetfish (1)9Ap Flying Fish (3)10Ap Giant Clam11Ap Masked Bannerfish (1)11Pu Drummer12Ap Pacific Longnose Parrotfish with Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse JP (1)13Ap Pacific Sailfin Tang (4)15Ap Raccoon Butterflyfish16Ap Regal Angelfish (5)17Ap Saddled Butterflyfish18Ap Scissortail Sargeant (1)19Ap Speckled Butterflyfish and Six-bar Wrasse20Ap Violet Soldierfish (4)21Ap Yellowbar Parrotfish22Nu Nuku Hiva

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Keywords:Ducie Island, Easter Island, Easter Islands, Henderson Island, Marquesas Islands, Pitcairn, Tahiti, Tuamoto Islands

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Stu Porter(non-registered)
Hi Marian, ANOTHER amazing collection of images from a place I would love to visit one day :) all the best, Stu
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