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Created 21-Mar-20
179 photos

A visit to Yellowstone in winter, with stops in Craters of the Moon National Monument and Snake River Birds of Prey Conservation Area
1Yel Bald Eagle Adult and Juvenile2Yel Bald Eagle (5)3Yel Bald eagle (7)4Yel Bison (11)5Yel Bison (7)6Yel Bison in Snow7Yel Coyote (9)8Yel Coyote (8)9Yel Coyote (15)10Yel Coyote (16)11Yel Coyote (18)12Yel Coyote (23)13Yel Coyote (36)14Yel Coyote15Yel Elk (2)16Yel Elk (5)17Yel Mule Deer (1)18Yel Pronghorn (6)19Yel Pronghorn (8)20Yel Pronghorn (10)

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Keywords:American Dipper, Bighorn Sheep, Bison, Black Rosy-finch, Clark's Nutcracker, Coyote, Elk, Evening Grosbeak, Gray Wolf, Grey-crowned Rosy-finch, Mountain Chickadee, Pine Grosbeak, Pronghorn, Scenery, Stellar's Jay, Townsend's Solitaire, Yellowstone

Guestbook for Yellowstone Wolf Quest March 2020
Tara Holbrook(non-registered)
I am in awe of your pictures. In some photos, it appears the animals are most accomodating by "posing" for you when they turn toward the camera. The kill and feeding shots capture the circle of life. Thanks for sharing your talents.
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