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Created 5-Nov-18
132 photos

1AFl Villa Del Palmar Flamingos1BPV  Puerto Vallarta Los Muertos Beach1PV Boy and grandfather2P V Boy near Water3PV Buiding Sand castle (1)4PV Burying Boy5PV Magnificent Frigatebird6PV Girl in Tube7PV Girl With Pail (3)8PV Girl With Pail (4)9PV Great-tailed Grackle (1)10PV Grey-breasted Martin (2)11PV Heliconius12PV Jewelry Vendor13PV Los Muertos (1)14PV Man Collecting Cans (3)15PV Paddleboarder16PV Parasailer17PV Brown Pelican (3)19PV Statue

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