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Created 17-Jun-20
181 photos

Camas Prairie, Idaho; Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho; Yellowstone National Park; Harriman State Park, Idaho
1Cam Sandhill Crane (1)2Cam  American Coot3Cam Killdeer (3)4Cam Mule's Ears (2)5Cam Swainson's Hawk (4)6Cam Tree Swallow (3)7Cam Tree Swallow Building a nest8Cam Tree Swallow (11)9Cam Cinnamon Teal10Cam Butterfly (3)11Cam Butterfly on Mule's Ears (1)12Cam Yellow Salsify (1)13Cam Hood's Phlox14Cam Willet (4)15Cam Willet with Snake (2)16Cam Willet with Snake (12)17Cam Willet with Snake218Cam Baby Willet (8)19Cam Willet and Baby20Cam Willet Too Many Legs (Chicks)

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Keywords:Birds, Bison, Camas Prairie, Idaho, Craters of the Moon National Monument; Yellowstone;, Elk, Flowers, Harriman, ID, Mammals, Park, Pronghorn Antelope, State