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Created 25-Nov-19
137 photos

Including Crater Lake National Park and parts of the Klamath National Wildlife Refuge
1CL Bufflehead (11)2CL Bufflehead (12)3CL Bufflehead (8)4CL Bufflehead5CL Clark's Nutcracker6CL Clark's Nutcracker (1)7CL Common Raven (3)8CL Crater Lake (6)9CL Crater Lake (1)10CL Crater Lake (9)11CL Crater Lake (3)12CL Crater Lake13CL Eared Grebe (1)14CL Gray Jay15CL Mountain Chickadee (3)16CL Mountain Chickadee (5)17CL Pied-billed Grebe (8)18CL Red-tailed Hawk (1)19CL Ruddy Duck F (8)20CL Ruddy Duck F (2)

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Keywords:Birds, Eagle, Sparrow, duck, goldeneye, grebe, hawk, junco, merganser, mule deer