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Created 9-Aug-18
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A visit to some of the Phoenix Area's natural attractions in mid-July
1But Autumn Leaf (1)2But Blue Clipper23But Blue Morpho (2)4But Butterfly (5)5But Butterfly (12)6But Butterfly (17)8But Butterfly (19)9But Butterfly (20)10But Common Birdwing11But Danaus gilippus (3)12But Danaus gilippus13But Great MOrmon14But Grecian Shoemaker15But Hibiscus (1)16But Julia Longwing (7)17But Nymphalidae parthenos tigrina (1)18But Paper Kite19But Paper Kite (1)20But Papilionidae cresphontes21But Papilionidae indra (1)

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