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Created 26-Feb-13
511 photos

Includes subAntarctic Islands Macquarie and Campbell
1aOrion_8561HobartDock_6822BridgeA3_6903HobartDock_6834ShipBow_6845Opening Cocktail_6876ShipMusicians_6887Gannett, Australasian 48Gannett, Australasian9Albatross, Blackbrowed Juvenile 310Albatross, Blackbrowed Juvenile 511Albatross, Shy512Albatross, WhiteheadShy13AlbatrossWander_71514AlbatrossWander_72215AlbatrossWander_72416AlbatrossWander_73917AlbatrossWander_74018Prions719Albatross, Shy1

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Keywords:Albatross, Antarctic Petral, Antarctica, Cambell Island albatross, Giant Northern Petral, Giant Southern Petral, Ice., Iceberg, Penguin, Petral, Prion, Royal Albatross, Seal, Shag, Shy albatross, Snow Petral, Wandering Albatross, White chinned Petral, White headed albatross, White headed petral, Wilsons Storm Petral, adelie penguin, australian gannet, black browed albatross, campbell Island pipit, cape Petral, crab eating seal, emperor penguin, gentoo penguin, gray headed albatross, humpback whale", "pilot whale", "cape royds", "Cape Evans", "scotts hut", "ross sea", "Ross island", "Antarctic mountains, king penguin, leopard seal, light mantled sooty albatross, minke whale, mottled Petral, ross seal, royal Penguin, waxeye finch, whale, yellow eyed penguin

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Olive Andrews - Expedition Team(non-registered)
Great stuff Marian! Thanks very much for sharing your wonderful images. All the best for you next adventure.
Pat and John(non-registered)
Wow! You have had yet ANOTHER "trip of a lifetime"!! Thank you so much for sharing. We look forward to another of your programs here at DWLP when you have the time to put one together. Welcome home!
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