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Created 18-Nov-15
438 photos

1 Sea Black Browed Albatross4Sea Southern Giant Petrel5Sea Black-browed Albatross8Sea Grey-headed Albatross9Sea Northern Giant Petrel10Sea Cape Petrel11Sea Cape Petrel12Sea Cape Petrel13Sea Northern Giant Petrel14Sea Cape Petrel15Sea Northern Giant Petrel16Sea Wandering Albatross17Sea Wandering Albatross18Sea Northern Giant Petrel19Sea Prion20Sea Northern Giant Petrel21Sea Cape Petrel22Sea Prions23Sea Prions24Sea Prion

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Ze Carrapichano(non-registered)
I just returned from Ascension Islands and found your invitation. I had a quick look at your album but I am sure I will spend hours looking through it. Fantastic shots ! Keep sharing!!!

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