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Created 3-May-17
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A trip from New Zealand to Papua New Guinea, with stops at Norfolk Island, New Caledonia and the Solomon Islands.
1TA Tauranga2Ta Mt. Maunganui3Ta Mt. Maunganui4Ta Black-backed Gull Juv5Ta Diving Petrel6Sea The Bow7Sea Black Petrel8Sea Black Petrel9Sea Buller's Shearwater10Sea Fairy Prion11Sea Fairy Prion12Sea Island13Sea New Zealand storm-Petrel14Sea New Zealand Storm-Petrel (10)15Sea Prion and Wilson's Storm Petrel (1)17C Red-billed Gull Colony18Sea Storm-Petrel Shearwater and Fairy Prion19Sea Australian Gannet20Sea Black Petrel2 (1)21Sea Black-winged Petrel (1)

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