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Created 19-Nov-16
365 photos

12 Days visiting Uganda's Parks
1Kam Kampala2Kam Kampala3Kam Market (3)4Kam Market (1)5Kib Black-headed Heron6Kib Black-headed Heron (3)7Kib Black-shouldered Kite9Kib Blue Turaco (1)10Kib Boy11Kib Brazilian Potato12Kib Bronze Mannikin13Kib Chimpanzee (1)14Kib Chimpanzee (4)15Kib Chimpanzee (8)16Kib Chimpanzee (11)17Kib Chimpanzee2 (2)18Kib Chimpanzee (6)19Kib Chimpanzee2 (8)20Kib Chimpanzee2 (13)21Kib Chimpanzee2 (18)

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Guestbook for Uganda Safari
Carol and Chuck Messmer(non-registered)
Thank you for the time you take to share your beautiful pictures with us. You take us to places we will never see. And for a short time we are there and enjoying the incredible pictures and the places you go. Thank you again for the journey.
Alan Johnston(non-registered)
Marian, Thanks for sharing your incredible photos. Just one comment: the Red-billed Firefinch in slide 42 is a Red-headed Bluebill. Great picture. Also the photograph of the "White Kingfisher" is incredible. It is a rare creature indeed.

All the best,
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