Beth Bloom(non-registered)
Hi Marian,
Congrats on the cover of the LC. I know a famous person!
You go girl.
When did you move to ID? Hope Pat is well?
Georgia Tasker(non-registered)
I love looking at your photos. Thank you for sending them. Mongolia's vast landscapes are remarkable. The stupa and sacred paintings remind me of Bhutan. And your birds always are wonderful. Happy travels!
Elizabeth Allancorte
Roger & Kathy Herrnsteen(non-registered)
Thanks for adding us your mailing list. We enjoyed meeting you on the Chile & Peru portion of your trip and are looking forward to the pictures. The earthquake that struck Ecuador 7 days after we were there was devastating. In the last Recap on the ship Tom commented how disappointed he was in not seeing a volcanic eruption or earthquake. The quake was just 7 days after Sunday morning departure from the ship and we are glad he did not get his wish.
Hi Marian,
so you are on tour again ... wonderful pictures of Japan - I enjoyed !
Cheers, Barbara
Bill Fraser(non-registered)
Glad to get the first link of your recent travels. Of course, I am particularly interested in your photos of the Falklands to Ecuador portion of your travels. Looking forward to those images, which I know will be excellent.
Tiara Holiday(non-registered)
Your photos are amazing. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful memories with me!
Mary Ann Muscat B.C(non-registered)
Hi Marian I always wanted to go to Sarengeti and you have done that for me .WOW your pictures are awesome .The elephants and the sunset pictures deserve to be in the National Geographic. Thank you for sharing all your trips over the last couple of years . When I look at your work I feel that I am there, and feel the vibes of when you press that shutter and create your magic.
George de San Miguel(non-registered)
Hi Marian. A wonderful set of photos from Africa. Thanks for sharing. Best regards
Jim Baker(non-registered)
Marian, beautiful images. I remember when you were still working for the Golden God of the East and we would discuss equipment, technique and color theory. Never knew you would turn out to be such a world traveler. Your ability to isolate your subjects or define a hidden color is the sign of the true master Photographer and not just a machine-gunner with a camera that is seen too much today. Long Live the Artist! Not the equipment.
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